Awakening the Presence, Voice and Genius within you.

Imagine Possibilities...
A global community where love and service are first nature to humanity, a place where adults are grounded and living in awareness, children are safe and expressing their talents, nature is respected and appreciated for its powerful purpose of healing. A world that is awakened from the illusion of separation. 

This is far more than just an idealistic imagination, it is a vision held by enormous amounts of people globally. Uniting hands and hearts in love and service to this

this end is very possible. 


We are not limited by our wounds; we are awakened by them to force us to identify our unique blue print and share it with the world in a meaningful way.

Regardless of the circumstance there is a way to break down and re-construct, resolve and dissolve, it begins with taking that first step of becoming AWARE that the potential exists to own one's personal power and explore the ability to be a master of their destiny. With genuine support, and a safe place to face the limiting walls, you can start to heal, and extract your true genius. 

As part of the non-profit initiatives created here, I hold unconditional faith in us as humanity to enhance the world for the children, so they may become enlightened, awakened and live by their highest values and this cycle can reach generations to come.

Live in Love Always,

Ashika Singh