The Inner Genie - the power of the Creative Mind with Soul

We have two approaches to life that determine what life becomes for us. 

1. Let life happen to us, we just do what we know and hope for the best, accepting we are limited by what we have.

2. Be an active participant in our life, learn, unlearn and relearn about how to break through limitations and experience a meaningful life.

Your life script can be re-written, all you need is some special "me time", to get to truly know yourself, and what is really important to you.To be able to reflect upon what you really want to be, do or have, and a means in which to tap into your creative resources within you, and activate you inner GENIUS.... let the your mind be the universe and your desires become rockets and the Genie for your life can appear.

In this Spiritual weekend retreat, you take your Soul out for some much needed connecting, and experience:

  • A deep connection with your true nature and discover or enhance your innate talents/gifts
  • Quality time with yourself, uncovering what is the purpose and meaning of your life
  • How to have a Soul to Creative Mind Connection that can dissolve your limiting beliefs
  • The power of self reflection that releases you from the myth of being stuck/doubtful
  • Tools that can be used to extract your genius, and create the life you deserve
  • The power of total self rejuvenation, self-healing and self-nurturing
  • How to connect with the wisdom of your Soul and trust your intuition

Let your inner Genie lead you to your Genius.

Sorrows Voice...  a healing journey of grief and loss

Feeling trapped within an abyss of voiceless pain or total numbness of one's entire being, grief is an emotion that sinks the heart immediately into a hollow state, and the void that is felt can become a silent prayer for the pain to end, all the while secretly not wanting it to end, as it is the only way to connect deeply with the one you loved that is no longer here.

This paradigm shift of emotion, can keep a person locked inside themselves, losing hope of all the things they believed in, an inner tantrum that they face daily not having answers, begging to know why, and pining for at least a one last goodbye. All the words left unsaid, all the realizations of peace that could have been made or how late it is now to say "I am sorry".

This course is created as a "comfort weekend", creating a very gentle environment for you to gently start the healing process and build a spiritual grounding on how to move forward with a deeper understanding, more importantly we position your grief in a way that is has a place in your life that can feed you peace and closure.

A deeply moving experience that helps you to transcend the void you are feeling, and equip you with tools to take forward and honor the grief, the love and the bond you shared with your loved one, and restoring you from ANGUISH to HOPE.​

A Return to Innocence... Return to Inner Essence.

​We all have physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects to ourselves. These aspects shape our unique model of the world, becoming our filter system that determines the quality of our relationships and survival mechanisms in life. When in good balance, our life flows and flourishes, when misaligned it causes suffering, pain and struggle.

This is an all encompassing course designed for people that are ready to:

  • Learn about what the real state/condition of their life is.
  • Look closer at their relationships and why they cause stress.
  • Face their past wounds and learn how to dissolve them.
  • Uncover what their limitations are in every area of life
  • Know what has real meaning in their lives.
  • Understand why they lacking in certain areas.
  • Discover what really drives their decisions/choices
  • Determine why they are not getting what thy want, instead having the same set backs repeatedly.

The most beneficial outcome of this course is creating a healthy psychological balance, developing a more clearer perspective of who you really are at your core,

which allows for Spiritual growth to rapidly evolve. Ultimately it is cleaning the slate of a probably stained life, and so you can enjoy your Spiritual Journey, be able to easily walk a path of meaning, purpose and live by your highest values.

Your Innocence is realized once you face the layers of life that has locked you inside yourself.

Your Inner Essence is revealed when you awaken from the illusion that you are abandoned, alone or separate.

The warriors Journey...  finding the Gold in the Dark

The deeper the pain, the stronger the mask we wear. Healing the wounds of Shame, is probably one of the most courageous acts of the choice to conquer and rise. Deep wounding requires a very delicate, gentle and kind environment to facilitate the process to start the Warriors Journey.

This experience is designed for people that have had life shattering incidents or experiences inflicted on them. These include and not limited to                       sexual, mental, emotional and physical hurt/abuse; sexual shame linked to hiv/aids, fear and shame affiliated to sexuality or sexual orientation. 

On the other side of the coin, many people live secret lives with buried shame on the inside, like lying, cheating, stealing, infidelity, addictions, etc. They could be inflicting hurt on themselves and others.

Then there are wounds that hold the story of abandonment, loss and grief, trauma from accidents, crime, relationship break ups or divorce.

In this weekend retreat, we teach you how to heal the wounds, find your courage, find your voice, face the raw truth, admit the real emotions and we then rebuild your esteem, worth and introduce you to the nuggets of Gold that you can now claim as you wear your Warrior Cloak and re-enter the world with your head held high and your inner world at peace again.​