Relationships with self and others can be a source of both joy and pain. When a person, family or couple is suffering by a break down in their relationship, a skilled intervention coach can assist in resolving and dissolving the barriers that prevents a harmonious environment. At times an entire family can be in a session, a couple or an individual. These sessions are customized according the the needs, and nature of the situation. 

There are many schools in life, none offer a subject on how to manage and adapt to an ever changing relationship.

No matter who you are, or what you believe, there is a way of leading you back to love, source, essence and truth. Your truth, your core, your purpose in every role you play in life. This is the foundation from which healthy unions can be built.

Ashika Singh is a Relationship Interventionist, her sessions offer a combination of coaching and conflict mediation in a private session, where both partners attend with the intention to dissolve, resolve and rebuild the foundation of the relationship. 

​​​​​​​​​​​Live the Love 

 A Relationship Mastery Course for Couples

Is your relationship built to last?

When two people come together in a romantic/personal relationship, it is actually two worlds meeting, and merging. The misunderstanding happens when the merging takes place without either person being aware that on some unconscious level they could be disowning or compromising a part of themselves in order to be loved and accepted by their partner.

The need to be LOVED and VALUED is the highest human need, and strangely without knowing it, in order to achieve this need, many people enter relationships with a fantasy in their mind of a happy ever after which slowly fades away; as time slowly reveals that the person you met is no longer familiar to you, and you may not be happy with who they are showing up as.

What if Couples had some deeper insight into themselves and each other? Conventional school has not offered any learning about how to be in a relationship,

or how to navigate through relationship struggles. The belief that relationships are only about emotions and how each other feels has trapped many people, in reality relationships have a technical function, it involves use of the intellect, ability to reason, communicate, make decisions and know how to read each other and situations. Feelings fade because couples do not possess the ability to apply a strong mental framework for which to build their emotional shelter in a relationship. It is like dreaming of a mansion but living in a shack held up by poor construction, and weak foundation.

The aim of this weekend retreat course is to offer couples a relaxed, non-invasive yet strategic intervention approach to relationship rescue or rebuild.

Think of it as a refreshing makeover and a compass for a more fulfilling experience with each other.

Here are some crucial aspects that we cover on course.

  • What is our blue print for a happy union?
  • Do we have what it takes to create or achieve that blue print?
  • Do we truly know "how" to love each other?
  • How well do we know each other?
  • Why does the stereo type romancing not work for us?
  • Let us understand why we react to each other in time of stress/conflict?
  • Can we create a system that can support us both in managing our relationship needs?
  • Do we share the same values and live by the same boundaries to protect our relationship?
  • How to dissolve the past hurts between us and start on a clean slate?
  • If we were in our ideal relationship with each other, what would that look like? Do we see the same vision?
  • Are we in this relationship for the healthiest reasons? Let us look at why you chose each other.​

You can create a deep meaningful union together, all you need is a map that is created by you both, in awareness 

with unconditional love as your north star navigating you.