Awakening the Presence, Voice and Genius within you.

Ashika Singh is the founder of the Live the Love Academy, that hosts one year 

life coach certification courses. 

Life Coach Certification Course

Thousands of people globally, from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, parents; holistic and alternative medicine practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, medical professionals; corporate trainers, HR professionals and life coaches from a variety of other schools.

Ashika Singh holds an exclusive license with Louise Hays company "Hay House", as the principle trainer for South Africa. She hosts training for Heal Your Life Practitioners; Youth Empowerment Facilitators and Life Coaches.

My Journey with Louise Hay and Heal your Life...

My journey with Louise Hay began at one of those Quantum moments I mentioned. In the year 2000, during the mundane phase of my life where I had no direction, just living in the what not to feel from the past. Louise Hay was on the Oprah Show, holding up a scan that revealed she had reversed cancer in her body without surgery. In disbelief, I switched off the television, and decided not to waste my time on nonsense.

Two years later, I was sitting at my mum's funeral, it seemed like the past eight weeks were just a dream I was stuck in and when I woke up it will all be gone, except it had not been a dream and cancer had claimed the life of the one person I loved with every fiber of my being. Numb to this experience, my mind was more alive than ever, it kept wanting answers, and I allowed it to keep me busy so that I will not have to face what I was really feeling. It kept on reminding me that there was an American woman on Oprah that had reversed cancer. I could not get that out of my mind. The search for her began.

Her name was Louise L Hay. Author of a best selling book "You Can heal Your Life".

What a phenomenal opportunity for me to dissolve myself into research, study and finding those answers. The next decade were a tremendous growing phase for me in every possible way, I found myself in London then America and in all this time becoming more and more fascinated with the possibilities of personal empowerment, self-healing and holistic wellness. The best part of it all was that as I healed my own perceived brokenness, I found more and more people to share what I was learning with. In a short while I was walking this talk and living this life of total possibilities. At my core there was only one desire, and that was HOPE...

Help Other People Evolve!

The most humbling moment was when Dr Patricia Crane, the master trainer for Louise Hay Trainer courses globally, announced that I was selected to be the master Trainer for South Africa, it is here that possibilities exploded, it meant we can have more hands and hearts serving with the Heal Your Life programs in the country!!

This gave birth to the Live the Love Academy in 2010; built on the principle of supporting  purpose driven individuals to live their love (passions). I sincerely believe each one of us is unique and has our own signature contribution to our world and this is what I encourage students to achieve. Ensuring they become the best version of self and living their best, most fulfilled life. I enjoy being a practical teacher, everything we learn is absorbed when it is experiential. Sharing all the knowledge that comes through me freely, my passion is to witness students flourish, develop and grow into their own visions, and become the Presence, Voice and Leader they are!

Over the years the school evolved with the changing qualifications criteria of the industry, and is an approved member of Comensa. The academy offers a full year life coaching course of over 180 hours, (international standards)