Meet the Trainer - Live the Love Academy

Ashika holds an exclusive license as a Principle Trainer for Heal Your life South Africa, she graduated with Dr Patricia Crane over a period of 3years, attending courses in England and America, qualifying her to host certified training courses in South Africa. She has an intent passion to serve the community and zest to reach as many people empowering them to heal from from the wounds of their past/present in this very gentle and effective learning system created by Louise Hay.

One of the major and most humbling projects, was founding the Live the Love Academy in 2010; built on the principle of supporting  purpose driven individuals to live their love (passions). Ashika believes each is unique and has their own signature contribution to our world and this is what she encourages them to achieve. Ensuring they become the best version of self and living their best, most fulfilled life.

Over the years the school evolved with the changing qualifications criteria of the industry, and is an approved member of Comensa. The academy offers a full year life coaching course of over 180 hours, (international standards)

 Ashika is very practical, she shares all her knowledge freely, and is very thorough in how she grooms the minds in her class. Being a natural teacher, her passion to witness her students flourish, develop and grow into their own visions, gives her immense contentment. 

Ashika Singh is the founder of the Live the Love Academy, that hosts one year 

life coach certification courses. 

Life Coach Certification Course

Thousands of people globally, from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, parents; holistic and alternative medicine practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, medical professionals; corporate trainers, HR professionals and life coaches from a variety of other schools.

Ashika Singh holds an exclusive license with Louise Hays company "Hay House", as the principle trainer for South Africa. She hosts training for Heal Your Life Practitioners; Youth Empowerment Facilitators and Life Coaches.