The best introduction of someone, is to hear from those that experience them. Here is a  summary capturing some of the most common descriptions and feedback from the people that have encountered Ashika Singh. 

​"When you connect with Ashika you can discover an individual with deep empathy, intuition and finesse. Someone that enjoys turning uncomfortable situations and environments into peaceful ones. She has a way to effortlessly uplift and inspire people.

A truth seeker that tends to delve deeply into the secrets of nature and the human mind. A creative and philosophical person that makes her a natural visionary and teacher, with an amazing ability to see the big picture, while staying true to her purpose. 

Her almost two decades of studying, serving and living a purposeful life were only possible by her flexibility, adaptability, consistency, skills of diplomacy, negotiation and team building. A quintessential team player, that believes in working in cooperation with her students and clients on an equal platform. She is highly sensitive to nuances of human behavior, has an incredible investigative mind and ability to create harmony between people as a coach; mediator and interventionist.

Her love for travel, variety and meeting new people has introduced her to the global community as an inspirational speaker, trainer, and course leader. An avid and creative writer and poet that can stir the soul with her flow of wise and thought provoking ideas about life, love, relationships and self-realization.

She possesses the curiosity of a cat, and an inner core desire to live life to the fullest. Someone who is not easily ruffled by times of uncertainty, that thrives during change. She loves to be involved in many community and human potential projects and activities, always on the look out for new adventures where she can be a voice for any age. Her crave for freedom, with her vibrant spirit show strongly and she seems to awaken these aspects in those around her.

Ashika Singh can easily be recognized as a person of substance, and a magnetic presence, and possesses an intense non-negotiable attitude to serve this world authentically.

"I have always had a genuine love for people, and I care deeply about how they survive and heal from their own wounded worlds. It matters to me that children are safe, people are at peace, healthy and in pleasurable home environments that can revive the energy required to connect with their purpose and life journey. "

"My pledge is to be a catalyst for personal empowerment and cultivate hope in lives."

"I live my days empowering people to solve their personal problems, 

to get out of the quiet desperation of their wounded world; 

that no amount of  suppression or medicine can solve."

​​Ashika Singh

Relationship Interventionist - Meta-physician - Inspirational Speaker - Poet - Writer  

Inspirational Speaker; Poet and Writer

Ashika has a way to tap into your core, to awaken a sleeping, hidden genius inside of you, her gaze as she speaks reaches deep within you, almost as if reaching in to offer you a hand, to get up, wake up and step into the power of who you really are. Her message is Inspirational, captivating and penetrating. Her playfulness, her humor and most of all her unconditional nurturing words of wisdom lingers long after she has left. The youth have a special place in heart, and when she speaks with them, no matter how large the audience, she has an ability to touch each one of them. 

"More than just words, there is a message with-"in" each of us, a calling to something greater than we can ever imagine. That when we give ourselves permission to tap into the inner reservoir of natural greatness, we can live a more meaningful, deeply connected life that results in peace. A word can make or break a Spirit, and since words come easy to me, if I can serve my fellow humanity with the power of wisdom through my spoken and written words, even if just one person, i have honored my pledge to be a catalyst for personal empowerment cultivating hope" Ashika Singh