Inspirational Speaker; Poet and Writer

"More than just words, there is a message with-"in" each of us, a calling to something greater than we can ever imagine. That when we give ourselves permission to tap into the inner reservoir of natural greatness, we can live a more meaningful, deeply connected life that results in peace. A word can make or break a Spirit, and since words come easy to me, if I can serve my fellow humanity with the power of wisdom through my spoken and written words, even if just one person, i have honored my pledge to be a catalyst for personal empowerment cultivating hope" Ashika Singh

"I have always had a genuine love for people, and I care deeply about how they survive and heal from their own wounded worlds. It matters to me that children are safe, people are at peace, healthy and in pleasurable home environments that can revive the energy required to connect with their purpose and life journey. "

"My pledge is to be a catalyst for personal empowerment and cultivate hope in lives."

"I live my days empowering people to solve their personal problems, 

to get out of the quiet desperation of their wounded world; 

that no amount of  suppression or medicine can solve."

​​Ashika Singh

Relationship Interventionist - Meta-physician - Inspirational Speaker - Poet - Writer